The Adenauer Fellowship for Media and Communication in Asia is a scholarship offered by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS), Media Programme Asia, a German political foundation affiliated with the Christian Democratic Union (CDU).

The KAS Media Programme Asia partners with several educational institutions to offer journalism scholarships in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and the Philippines. The journalism degrees and practical trainings are taught as online courses as well as at the institutes and focus on practical journalism training, news media, reporting and photojournalism.

With the Adenauer Fellowship, we support you in your academic journey in becoming an international renowned journalist. During your studies, we would like to see your learning experiences and support you as much as possible in your career path. We offer financial support for your academic degree in journalism, social networking and events, online and throughout Asia.


Asia News Network

  • 24 Month Practical Traineeship for journalists

Asian Center for Journalism at the Ateneo de Manila University

Diploma of Visual Journalism
  • 10 months degree taught online
  • Travel to Manila, Philippines, is required for the final presentations

Asia College of Journalism

Postgraduate Diploma in Integrated Multimedia Journalism
  • 10 months degree

  • 24 Month Practical Traineeship for journalists based in Karachi, Pakistan

Pathshala South Asian Media Institute

Postgraduate degree in Film and Television
  • 18 months degree


We believe that everyone deserves good education – regardless of their financial background. Therefore, the Adenauer Fellowship supports communication professionals financially in two ways:

Postgraduate Students


Become part of a huge network of current fellows, alumni and partners of the Adenauer Fellowship. The perfect internet-based social platform for media and communication professionals offers:

Who WeSupport

4 Steps toApply

If you match the above criteria here is what comes next:

Set up an account on “My Account” and register

Share your personal data and upload documents
Set up your personal profile including your education and work experiences. Upload a portrait photograph of yourself, a copy of your university degrees, motivation letter and work samples.

Get ready for a personal interview
We will screen all applications, together with the partner institution you have indicated. If you are selected, KAS will reach out for a personal interview. Let’s get to know each other better.

Final Approval
If you are lucky, we will grant you a fellowship. In this case, please do not forget that you will still need to formally apply at the institution of your choice. Obviously, this rule applies only to those who wish to study.

For any questions regarding the application process please reach out to the coordinator of the Adenauer Fellowship at [email protected].

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