The Konrad Adenauer StiftungMedia Programme Asia

The Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (KAS) is a political German foundation and global advocate for the promotion of democracy and rule of law, the enforcement of social and market-economic structures as well as the realisation of human rights. It supports the development of political parties, social groups and also of free and independent media through training and further education. The functioning of societies is dependent on the stability, efficiency and openness of its elite. Their value orientation and willingness to accept responsibility is a decisive factor in how our modern society is able to organise itself. For that reason, KAS is committed to playing a role in supporting responsibly-minded future elites. KAS wants to enable talented young people to engage in serious study through support and the awarding of scholarships. In doing so, it prepares them for their duties in state and society and most notably in science, economics, politics and management, media and culture as well as in international organisations.

The “Media Programme Asia” was established in 1996 to promote a free, responsible and ethical press in the region. The Media Programme Asia’s mission is to strengthen the dialogue between media and politics, to monitor and highlight current media trends in the region through publications and events and to support the training of journalists towards a free, ethical and responsible press.